November 20, 2010

We've done it!

Riley and I did it! We have graduated all our agility classes; beginners, intermediate 1 and intermediate 2!!! We are now in Novice Competition! We will continue to go to weekly classes to continue learning (we still have A LOT  to learn!), learn how to strategize our runs, practice different techniques and just have FUN! :)

This past Thursday was our final class, and we did a regulation course, Riley did awesome! I was super nervous because the previous week his focus was ZERO. But this time he was all ears and eager :)

We ran the first half of the course awesome, a couple mistakes but I was super happy. I could just see the joy in his face while we did the pause on the table, he was just so happy and my heart was just bursting :) We continued to the tunnel after a 5 count and then I had a brain fart LOL :) I lost track of where I was suppose to go haha but Riley didn't care :) I figured it out and then we finished our run!

Our instructors met the next day to decide who was ready to move on to Novice competition classes, and Riley and I were among the ones picked! :)


November 4, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day!

Yesterday was Riley's Gotcha Day!
2 years ago we adopted this squirmy, yet sad pup.

The search for our perfect dog started many months before.
I was personally ready for a dog before my husband was, so I had been looking online at sights like and craigslist for a long time. One day while on craigslist I see a shelter post a picture of the cutest dog ever!

But unfortunately, we were not ready for a dog just yet :(  and I was very sad to pass this guy up, I just knew he would be snatched up in a flash...... A few months go by and finally we are both ready for a 4 legged friend to join our little family.

I found/met another potential pup at another shelter, but I wanted my husband to meet her before we made the decision.  A couple days go by and we are getting ready to go see the little girl. My husband is changing and getting shoes on, so I get on craigslist again to pass the time when I see the ad for the B&W pup I fell in love with months ago!

"He's back! His ad is back up!" My husband comes over to look and loves the little guy. We decide to stop by to see him first and fall in love right then and there, we just knew he was a good match for us (No worries the girl we were originally going to see was adopted soon after). The shelter workers were over-joyed that he was finally being adopted and were surprised he sat at the shelter for as long as he did.

Riley is now a big part of our little family, and I couldn't imagine life without him! We have gotten to do things I never would have thought I could do, like agility, and have meet new wonderful friends, because of him. 

He keeps us on our toes and always a smile on our faces!


Here a some pictures over the years :)

First day home!

Poor guy ended up having major hair loss from food allergies (we think) Switched to a good quality food and his hair grew back! No more naked, pink Riley!

Hang 10!

First trip to the beach :)

 Riley the porcupine!

First snow! In Texas no doubt LOL

First hair cut LOL the ear fuzz was outta control!

Many more Gotcha Days to come :)