About Me

Welcome to my blog! Whether you are a long time follower or a new comer, I hope you find my blog enjoyable, entertaining, amusing, or even just something to read to pass the time!

I am 26 years old, assistant at a Chiropractic office, an amateur photographer, married to my wonderful husband, and we are owners of two amazing dogs, Riley and Grace.
Riley is our silly boy, and he is the one that got me into the world of agility. We have been taking agility classes over the past couple years and will finally have our debut at the end of October.

Grace, is our sweet girly girl, she will do just about anything if I ask her and she is the dog that got me into the world of Rally-O and Obedience. She has earned her RN and RA titles and we are working on her RE title. I would like to try agility with her, to see how she likes it.

I really enjoy photography and am learning more and more about my camera and techniques. So far, Riley and Grace are my subjects 90% of the time, but I love taking pictures of my friends dogs. Red, is another frequent subject of mine as well, he stays with us when his owners are out of town and he also participates in Dock Dogs, Agility and dipping his toes in the Rally ring. I have even tried my hand in infant photography, which I really enjoyed.

 Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back to visit now and again!

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  1. Your pooches are precious! Your Riley could be siblings with my Border Collie! I've never seen another Border Collie look so much like my dog. They are both absolutely gorgeous though.