About Grace

Chloe Grace RA CGC

At about 3 years old, Grace was found by animal control in San Antonio, TX. She was extremely shy, hairless from mange, stage 3 heart worm and got a torn tendon in her hind leg.

She was scanned for a micro chip and it was traced back to a shelter that she had been adopted from as a puppy, which then led them to her owners, who didn't want her back.

All Border Collie rescue stepped in and pulled Grace from the shelter and placed her in foster care. Over the next year her foster parents, rescue and vets did an amazing job healing her physically and mentally, and Grace was very close to becoming a "foster failure".

Around November/December 2010, we started looking around for a second dog to add to our family. We saw her picture and fell in love at first sight and immediately sent in an application. I remember I would just sit at the computer and stare at her picture, hoping and wishing we were the right family for her.

January 8, 2011 Grace come home and was an instant part of our family. Her and Riley hit it off right away and have been brother and sister ever since. Shortly after adopting her, we enrolled in a basic obedience class and it was apparent from the very start that Grace had a knack for obedience. She is so willing to please and will do just about anything for the promise of a treat!

My obedience teacher got us into Rally-Obedience and in her first year with us (2011) she earned her Rally Novice (RN) title and this year (2012) earned her Rally-Advanced (RA) title. Next step is to earn her Rally Excellence title and maybe even dabble in some agility, to see how she likes it.

She really is a special girl and I can't thank the Border Collie rescue and her foster parents enough and I can't believe we've had this wonderful girl for about 2 years, time literally flies when you are having fun! I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about Grace and her beginning and come back now and again to read more about her continuing adventures!

6/4/2011 - Earned CGC title

7/22/2011 - Rally Novice Q 79/100
7/23/2011 - Rally Novice Q 86/100
11/12/2011 - Rally Novice Q 87/100
 RN title earned!

5/5/2012 - Rally Advanced Q 94/100 - 1st place
7/21/2012 - Rally Advanced Q 73/100 - 4th place
7/22/2012 - Rally Advanced Q 93/100 - 1st place
RA title earned!

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