September 21, 2011

A much needed vacation!

Just a quick post :) The pups, hubby and I (and some friends) are going to the beach for the weekend!!! We hadn't had a proper vacation in a while, so this will be awesome! Also, it will be the first time Grace sees the beach! Riley has gone before and loved it, so I have a feeling her and Riley are going to have a blast! Be prepared for many many many beach pictures come early next week!

September 15, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #9

It's Tell me Thursday over at Crooks and Crazies again!

1. If you're not at the 2011 Sheepdog finals this weekend what are you planning to do?
Well, since we don't do sheep trails, we will most likely be here at home taking it easy, going to obedience class, and what-not. :)

2. One item you NEVER walk onto the trial field (any trial field, or training class will suffice) without?
I've never been in a trial yet. I would probably want a good, comfy pair of shoes,But one thing that I can't live without where ever I go, is a ponytail holder!

3. Katy wants to know if you have a pre-run ritual that you observe?
I don't have any agility pre-run rituals (yet) but with the few Rally trials I've done, I go to the bathroom a lot and I study the Rally map religiously! So I can only assume I'd do the same with agility. :)

4. How old were you when you had your first real kiss?
Humm...I think I was about 16 years old.

5. Bonnie wants to know what you do for yard mud control during the winter?
I don't have to deal with mud, yet. We live in an apartment, but ask me this question in about a year. Hopefully we will be in a house by March! :)
The drought here in Texas is a killer and they say we won't get any good rain until Spring. I hope they are wrong!
This fire was right behind our apartments, in George Bush park! Our apartments were issued an evacuation warning, so us, Riley and Grace stayed at our friends house (Red's owners) for the night.
(picture taken through my back window as we left. Yes, I have a WSU sticker and I live in Texas :P WSU is my alumni, Go Cougs!)
One of the MANY fire trucks that were in and around our complex and the park making a barrier with the water hoses. Luckily the fire was contain before it reached us, but sadly it burned 1500 acres of the park :(
On a random more uplifting note, the hummingbirds have finally found my feeder! They are thirsty since there's been no rain and no flowers :( I've got them covered!

(insert video here) Youtube is being slow and I've got to get to bed. Look for a cute hummingbird video when I wake up :)
*edited to add video*

September 8, 2011

What time is it? It's Tell me Thursday Time!


 This weeks set of questions are:

1. What is the biggest thing that grossed you out over the past week?
2. What do you feed your dogs?
3. If you could move anywhere where would you live?
4. What is the funniest thought that occurred to you (or thing that happened to you) this week?
5. If you couldn't have your breed of choice what would be next on your list?

1) What's the biggest think that grossed you out over the past week?
Hummm.... Nothing really... someone came into the office today with really, and I mean REALLY, bad B.O. Does that count?

2)What do you feed your dogs?
We use to feed Natural Balance LID, but we just recently switched to prey model diet/raw. Saying the dogs LOVE it is an understatement and we are pleased with the results :)

3) If you could move anywhere, where would you live?
Out of Houston, that's for sure! Lol! Don't get me wrong, I like it here, but I miss hills, mountains, seasons and not dieing when I go outside in the summer. Hubby and I have agreed Colorado (or similar) would be a nice place. I also like Washington and Oregon :) But seeing as that we will be here forever, until we retire, I better get use to it :P

4)What is the funniest thought that occurred to you (or thing that happened to you) this week?
Well, I would say I had a pretty good laugh when Grace was chasing the sprinklers, that were broken in the ON position. Pictures are below :)

5) If you couldn't have your breed of choice, what would be next on your list?
I think Corgis are really cute! I've always liked them and actually Hubby and I were considering the Corgi breed when we were adopting. But we found Riley instead and there started my Border Collie love. :)

* * *
On another note, last night in agility class, Riley and I had a kickass run! It felt smooth and I really think we are starting to look like we know (somewhat) what we're doing hehe. It was just a Jumpers course, but we ran it clean and I felt Riley was really looking to me for direction!

And now that it seems to finally be cooling off, we are going to tackle learning those weaves!

September 5, 2011

Lazy Labor Day

Today was a nice lazy, laid back day. Exactly what we needed! On top of that it was a beautiful day! The 100 degree heat finally gave way and we were down in the low 90's! To make the day even better, it just so happened that our apartment sprinklers were broken (in the on position) and after some cute little girls took advantage of playing in them, I took the pups out to play too. Grace was more excited to play in them then Riley was, but they both had fun cooling off and wrestling.

 Preparing for the strike!

 Die water die!

 Playing in the section of broken sprinklers.

 Hehe, Grace trying to jump over the water :)

 Trying again to catch the water.

 Trying a different approach, "This could work, right? RAWR!"


"Dang it, How do I catch it?"

 Zoomies and Wrestling time!

 Ready, Set, GO!


 Chased sprinklers, Check.
Chased each other, Check.
Grass to dry off on, Check!

 Ahhh the life of a dog :)

 Grace says no to posing for pictures, she wants to play in the sprinklers some more!

LOL! Grace looks like she has no ears and I don't know what Riley is looking at!
Silly dogs!

September 1, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #7

It's Thursday! Time to play Tell me Thursday over at Crooks and Crazies!

1. What five things can't you live without?
-My husband
-My dogs
-Family and Friends

2. How do you transport your dogs? This question suggested by several peeps, including Mara.
 My trusty Corolla :) Now, I know it isn't a lot of room, but it works. Better then having us and the dogs in my husband's standard cab truck LOL! But my next car will be something like a Chevy Traverse, with plenty of room in the back for crates.
3. What role does obedience play in your training or running of your dog(s)?
I guess obedience plays a significant part when I run Riley and work with Grace. I mean Riley has to follow my direction in agility or we go the wrong way, and with Grace in Rally that's all it is. I always try my best to make it fun and like a game, so they are willing to do what I ask of them. It is always fun to teach then the funny tricks too, like play dead, roll over... :) hehe

4. At what point do you start putting commands on your dogs?
 Well, when I am teaching them something new (tricks or obedience), I usually start with treats and wait, (sometimes helping by luring) then treat when they do something I like. Then when they start getting the idea, I start adding the command, until there is no more luring and just a command and/or hand signal.

5. Do you talk to strangers in elevators? Question posted by Laura #1
Ummm... No. I might do the awkward smile and "hi". But I keep to myself. Now that I think about it, mostly I try to take the stairs, haha, if it's only a few flights. No need to be awkward! Exercise! LOL