September 5, 2011

Lazy Labor Day

Today was a nice lazy, laid back day. Exactly what we needed! On top of that it was a beautiful day! The 100 degree heat finally gave way and we were down in the low 90's! To make the day even better, it just so happened that our apartment sprinklers were broken (in the on position) and after some cute little girls took advantage of playing in them, I took the pups out to play too. Grace was more excited to play in them then Riley was, but they both had fun cooling off and wrestling.

 Preparing for the strike!

 Die water die!

 Playing in the section of broken sprinklers.

 Hehe, Grace trying to jump over the water :)

 Trying again to catch the water.

 Trying a different approach, "This could work, right? RAWR!"


"Dang it, How do I catch it?"

 Zoomies and Wrestling time!

 Ready, Set, GO!


 Chased sprinklers, Check.
Chased each other, Check.
Grass to dry off on, Check!

 Ahhh the life of a dog :)

 Grace says no to posing for pictures, she wants to play in the sprinklers some more!

LOL! Grace looks like she has no ears and I don't know what Riley is looking at!
Silly dogs!


  1. What a way to cool off!!! Our hi in central Texas was 82!!! We are so thankful for the heat to break!!


  2. Isn't practically the entire state of Texas on a watering ban due to drought? Oh, the irony of the sprinklers being broken in the "on" position. ;o) But it looks like a whole lot of fun! My border is a water nut, too. Those are some happy dogs in that last picture!

  3. Yes, we are on a water ban, which is why I thought it weird that they were on when we walked that morning. Haha I knew something was wrong when hours later, they were still on. Not much we could do, with the front office closed for the holiday, so we took advantage :) As of this morning they were finally fixed.

  4. Lovely photos, as always! I love how excited Grace was by the sprinklers. :)

  5. Hey!! My husband came across your site today and he could not believe his eyes! We have a border collie/Samoyed mix and he looks just like your Riley! Well, a little different, but not by much :)
    We would love to show you pictures!
    Hilary, Cameron and Jasper

  6. Hi Hilary! I would LOVE to see pictures! Just from your little thumbnail picture I can already see the similarities! We don't know what Riley (or Grace) could be mixed with, we can only speculate :) My email:

  7. Oh my goodness! These pictures are super cute!