April 26, 2011

Easter weekend!

This past Easter weekend we drove 5 hours to Baton Rouge, LA. It is a trip we have made many times before but there was something different about this trip, it was Grace's first road trip and first time meeting the family!

About to embark on our trip!

When we arrived, everyone was happy to see us and excited to meet Grace. She has made HUGE strides over coming her timidness and made friends with the in-laws and friends very quickly.

Grace feeling comfortable with everyone there was a relief but there was still one big concern I had...... the in-laws yard is not fully fenced. But once again Grace pleasantly surprised me!!! Riley knows the rule, and Grace picked up on it very quickly, dogs are not allowed to go under the carport (which then leads to the driveway). She made no attempt to go down the driveway, even though she knew it was open to the world. She also came to me every time her name was called and I couldn't help but feel very proud! All the hard work training and obedience classes were/still are an amazing thing for her!

Once we were settled in, most of the weekend was spent outside enjoying the gorgeous weather! Which Riley and Grace fully supported 100%!

Riley runs but Grace FLYS!

They LOVED running around and rolling in the grass


Relaxing in the shade

Uhh Grace... you got a little grass on your tongue. "I know, I put it there".

Lizard hunting!
"I know he's in here somewhere!"

"I know he's close! I can smell it!!!"

Time for some close-ups!

I was holding on to a cracker to give to them after the pictures, their eyes never left it!

Note the string of drool! LOL

Grace knows where to hang out.

Ah Ha! Caught red handed! 

Just one of the many birds that visit the birdbath

Pretty Gracie in the evening sun

Now it wouldn't be right if I didn't make the dogs pose in a cute picture! :)

 Riley and Grace were only thinking about the food everyone was eating!

Miss Grace showing off her charm!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter!

April 17, 2011

The "fish channel"

Finally, we have fish in our fish tank! It's been sitting empty for a couple months now, but now it's a fully fledged fish tank! Well maybe not fully, we only got the small fish, in a few more weeks the big boys (Discus) will be put in!

Well as I suspected, Riley was VERY interested in the fish and wanted nothing more then to get personally acquainted with them. After telling him, no he couldn't drink the water from the bowls they were waiting in, and no he couldn't jump up on the glass to get a better look, he decided to just sit really really close to the tank and watch them swim :) Just watching him sit there reminded me of a little kid sitting to close to the TV haha!

Grace didn't really care for the fish. To be honest I don't think she knew they were there for about the first hour. Then after a while, she was walking by the tank and jumped back startled, stared at the fish moving around, then walked reeeeaalllly wide of the tank. Now she doesn't care at all, haha silly girl!

April 9, 2011

The new soft kennels I ordered came in today! I love them! These will work so much better then packing up the wire kennels all the time.

I ordered two of the same color, with the idea of getting some iron-on letters and personalizing them that way. I think they turned out pretty good, don't you think?

Riley's was the first one I did, so the letters aren't really straight... Oh well :)

Each kennel came with a carrying bag and I had left over big letters (they were each a set of 3, pink, blue and green). So each of the carrying bags got green letter and left over decorations :)

Riley and Grace took to their soft kennels right away. Although, there is something wrong here.... can you spot it???

How about now?

Such silly puppies! Either way, which ever kennel they choose, I am happy with the kennels, my little piece of flair I added and even happier Riley and Grace like them :)

April 7, 2011

The collars are in!!!

I absolutely LOVE the new collars!!! They are even cuter in person!

They arrived in a little white bag, wrapped with a cute ribbon, and a personal thank you card tucked in. Each order is custom made and they are exactly what I order. Every little detail was beyond what I had expected, the packing, the ribbons, the card, and speed of delivery. You can tell they were made with thought, care, quality and attention to detail. That kind of service just makes me feel wonderful about my purchase and will keep me coming back for more! :)

The collars were even wrapped in their own little bows! :)

Ok, enough pictures of the collars. Time for Riley and Grace to model!

Riley modeling his new collar! His was called "The Charleston".

He looks quit dashing, if I do say so myself :)
"We all know I look awesome, can I have the treat now?"

Miss Grace showing off her beautiful collar, called "Pretty in Paisley"

"You don't have to tell me I'm gorgeous."

My spotted duo showing off their new collars!

"Don't we look awesome!"

"Thanks Mom and Dad!"

"Kid in a candy store"

So, I just found out the Houston Pet Expo is comign soon, and I've always wanted to go but never been. Either, I didn't know when it was until too late :/ or we were out of town. BUT, this time I am on my game, and I plan to go!

I emailed my husband at work and he responded with this..

"Haha. You're going to be a kid in a candy store, A stadium-sized candy store."

Haha and he is totally right!:)

On another note, Riley and Grace's collars come in today! I am anxiously waiting for the mail to get here and I feel like a kid on Christmas. There will be plenty of pictures to come, so be ready for a collar fashion show later!

April 2, 2011

New Stuff!

So, I confess, I think I have a thing for collars :) Hehe
Every time I see a cool, neat, pretty, different collar I want to buy it. The dogs need new ones right??? LOL Honestly, I just do a  lot of wishful shopping :P Riley and Grace only have 2 each.

Recently while running the normal errands, I would make a swing by the pet isle/store and browse through the collars and toys. But lately I just keep seeing the same ol same ol collars. I wanted something different.

I turned to the internet and I found the cutest etsy.com shop and just had to get some! The lady's shop is call ColeysCollars, and she makes the cutest handmade custom collars at a reasonable price! I ordered one for each dog and I can't wait until they come in!

Riley's new collar!

Grace's new collar!

I'll make sure to post some pictures of the pups modeling their new collars when they arrive!

Also on the list of new stuff are some soft kennels. I've been wanting some for a while and found a pretty good deal on Amazon. So instead of hauling their heavy wire kennel around when we travel, go to future agility trials, or anything, we can use these! I got 2 of the same beige color and I was thinking of getting those iron on letters and customizing them that way. I am pretty excited for these to come in too!

PS: Sorry if the font is small, Blogger seems to be giving me some grief....