April 26, 2011

Easter weekend!

This past Easter weekend we drove 5 hours to Baton Rouge, LA. It is a trip we have made many times before but there was something different about this trip, it was Grace's first road trip and first time meeting the family!

About to embark on our trip!

When we arrived, everyone was happy to see us and excited to meet Grace. She has made HUGE strides over coming her timidness and made friends with the in-laws and friends very quickly.

Grace feeling comfortable with everyone there was a relief but there was still one big concern I had...... the in-laws yard is not fully fenced. But once again Grace pleasantly surprised me!!! Riley knows the rule, and Grace picked up on it very quickly, dogs are not allowed to go under the carport (which then leads to the driveway). She made no attempt to go down the driveway, even though she knew it was open to the world. She also came to me every time her name was called and I couldn't help but feel very proud! All the hard work training and obedience classes were/still are an amazing thing for her!

Once we were settled in, most of the weekend was spent outside enjoying the gorgeous weather! Which Riley and Grace fully supported 100%!

Riley runs but Grace FLYS!

They LOVED running around and rolling in the grass


Relaxing in the shade

Uhh Grace... you got a little grass on your tongue. "I know, I put it there".

Lizard hunting!
"I know he's in here somewhere!"

"I know he's close! I can smell it!!!"

Time for some close-ups!

I was holding on to a cracker to give to them after the pictures, their eyes never left it!

Note the string of drool! LOL

Grace knows where to hang out.

Ah Ha! Caught red handed! 

Just one of the many birds that visit the birdbath

Pretty Gracie in the evening sun

Now it wouldn't be right if I didn't make the dogs pose in a cute picture! :)

 Riley and Grace were only thinking about the food everyone was eating!

Miss Grace showing off her charm!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter!


  1. woooos! What a nice weekend! happy easter mates!


  2. What a beautiful BIG yard to play in! And shorts with bare feet!!!! We are still quite wet and cold here so your pictures are a wonderful treat for us :)
    Glad you had a good Easter.

    Emma Rose

  3. Such gorgeous photos! It looks like the dogs had an awesome time playing there, too.

    Way to go on the obedience training; it's great when things pay off like that, isn't it?