December 28, 2011

December 21, 2011

More wreath pictures

Here are some of the more pictures that go with yesterdays picture!

Things have been non stop since Thanksgiving. For those who don't know, we bought a house! We moved in right after Thanksgiving and have just been getting into the home owner groove.

Being a home owner is AWESOME! We love it, and so do Riley and Grace! They can't get enough of the backyard!

I plan on posting some pictures soon, so y'all can see. Maybe tomorrow.

 Staring at the treat and trying to ignore the wreath.

 O.M.G. it's touching me!!!

 Ok, maybe it's not so bad. Treat?!

 Kinda a "behind the scenes" picture.

 This is going around my head?! I don't think so.... ooo can I eat it!?

 No, but you can eat the treat over here. "Treat!"

 "I got this"

 "So do I"

 Picture taking pros!

Or is it a 2 legged spotted wreath monster?!!!

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