February 18, 2013

Tut Tut, Looks Like Rain

Today I took it easy. Slept in a little and hung out outside with the pups until it started to rain. But seeing that there were birds trying to eat at the bird feeder, Grace didn't care. She LOVES to chase them around the bushes, as they fly from one to the other.

Usually, once it started to rain, Grace won't even go out to potty. But the lore of the birds proved too much for her, and she continued to play. So, needless to say, both the pups got a both today. They were over due for one anyways.

    It must be breeding season for the little sparrows, because through out the day they will have fights in the bushes and all you hear is a lot of "tweet!" "tweet!" "tweet!", and it gets Grace (and sometimes Riley) all excited. All I can hope is that the little sparrows keep to the higher bushes, because when they are in their fights, they aren't really aware of their surroundings, and I don't want to know what Riley or Grace would do if they caught one.

Chasing the birds, just before the rain started.

Standing in the rain.

Riley's crazy hair after the rain.

February 10, 2013

Blue and Coco

Blue and Coco are 2 of the dogs in my Obedience class. They are both beautiful Pitties, and I just absolutely adore Mr. Blue. Blue has been in class for about the same amount of time as Grace and I believe in May will participate in their first Obedience trial. Coco was recently adopted by her family, and is showing to be a very smart girl.

Blue is a very very laid back boy. Happy to just chill in a chair. While his newly adopted sister has a bit more spunk. Hints while I have more pictures of Blue than Coco. She was running around the room, while brother Blue was just chill-axing.

I LOVE his eyes!

Such a gentlemen.

Miss Coco

February 7, 2013

Pup Scouts puppy class

On Saturdays, I volunteer at Pup Scouts, a dog training business. Years ago, when we first adopted Riley, this is where we took him. It was fun, positive, successful, and gave me great foundation to build on. So, naturally when we adopted Grace this is where we took her, and she thrived! She loves to work and do anything I ask, and it was the people here, that got us into Rally. We've hung around ever since.

Saturday mornings, there is puppy class and basic obedience class. Part of puppy class is social/play time and I decided to play with my new lens. The rooms lighting is not ideal, so I need to play around with my settings. I hope to take pictures every week of all different dog. Here are some of the good pictures I took; Bear the Schnauzer/Poodle, Sam the mix (I'm guessing Aussie or BC and Chocolate Lab) and Einstein the Corgi.

Bear and Sam are a bit on the shy side and would prefer to just sit and watch, but Einstein makes sure to get everyone involved!

We like to call this, the circle of friendship!

Hopefully I can remember to take pictures every week!

February 4, 2013

Murphy's visit

Ok, I'm back blogging world! I know I said I was going to post pictures of puppy Murphy soon, the last time I blogged, but he kept us pretty busy and took us a bit to recover after he went home! We have never had a young puppy in the house before and it has be a very long time since I personally had one. Nevertheless, he was fun to have around, keeping us entertained with his puppy antics. He could be a bit pushy towards Riley and Grace if they weren't paying attention to him, but either I or they would tell him to cut it out. Mostly when he got that way, I took him outside and we played fetch.

Looking at Murphy, one might guess he is a Black Lab puppy, while he is actually a Black Lab/Blue Heeler mix. Although, I think the Heeler gene skipped him! He seems 100% Lab to me! He loves the game of retrieving!

These were the best group shots I could get of everyone! Murphy didn't quit know what stay meant.

Ever feel like someone is watching you??

Begging Grace to play with him. She had other plans.