October 4, 2013

Grace Update

Yesterday I took Grace to the vet for her limp. And in true doggie fashion, by the time we arrived, Grace had stopped limping. The vet examined her leg, moving it in every direction, this way and that, Grace didn't react to any of it and everything was moving properly. So, good news is that nothing is broken or jammed, and the vet thinks it is just badly bruised.

Yesterday afternoon and most today, Grace was walking much better, only a slight limp. To my disappointment, this evening she started limping bad again. I am thinking (hoping) her paw just gets sore towards the end of the day. I iced it again and am keeping her activities limited.

I will keep y'all updated on her progress.

October 3, 2013


When you come home to your dog limping and there are no signs of trauma or disruptions in the house, can be very frustrating and mind boggling. All I can think is, how in the heck did you do this to yourself? I almost feel like a detective, walking around the house looking for clues, any hint of what she did. My search has found nothing...

The dog in question is sweet Grace. Poor girl. Although, she seems just about unphased by her hurt paw, "trying" to get the zoomies and play with Riley. I say "trying" because I wouldn't let her and she seemed so confused on why, but I think she forgave me when I gave her extra cuddles.

I poked, prodded, squeezed, pulled and examined her shoulder, leg and paw and found no signs of discomfort other then the limping, but I think the limping is being caused by something with her toe(s), because when she stretches, she won't extend her right toes... I went ahead and iced her leg last night and as of later this morning, she is putting weight on it off and on, but still favoring it. We have an appointment to see the vet this afternoon and hopefully it is just a sprain and we get sent home with nothing more then an anti-inflammatory.

Being such a good girl and icing her leg.