October 30, 2011

Look, don't touch.

 Can you see what they are looking at?

Let me zoom in.... How about now?

I was brushing the dogs on the porch and the cat was a nice distraction, to hold them still LOL!
*House update!*
Us and the seller have come to the final agreements! So now we just have to wait until closing, it's going to be a long month! I CAN'T WAIT!

October 25, 2011

Hello world! Why, yes I am still with you!

Once again, I am so so sorry I haven't been posting. I've been boring lately, I know. No Rally or Agility updates.....but, I have a good excuse this time! We are in the process of becoming HOMEOWNERS! (hopefully)

We've found the perfect home, and I mean perfect! It has everything on our wish list, BIG backyard (my wish) and a big garage (hubby's wish), and the house is perfect too, well almost. We are in the process of negotiating a couple of the big issues that need to be fixed.
With the hope that everything goes well, we should be closing right after Thanksgiving!
Wish us luck!

And, just for cuteness here are a couple pictures of Riley and Grace snuggling :)

 They clearly don't like each other. Haha

October 7, 2011

Why Hello There!

 I know, I know... I havent been posting lately :( Sorry, it as been really busy lately. The latest news is we put an offer on a house....but....the sellers accepted another offer. So, our search continues...

Anyways, today I have some pictures to share :)
Surprisingly they are not pictures of Riley and Grace!

Introducing Yogi, BooBoo and Xena! They are dogs of a friend of mine, that I let out to play/potty during lunch this week, while they were on their honeymoon.

 Yogi! A very ball driving little guy, he is such a clown!

"Throw the BALL!"

 Miss BooBoo! Such a sweet little girl!

 And last but not least Miss Xena! A very strong willed girl!

Boo loves to give kisses.

October 2, 2011

I know its been a while since I said I would post about our beach adventure, it has been crazy busy for us. Now I have a moment to relax here they are! :)

Riley has been to this beach house before, but this was Grace's first time going to the beach (as far as we know). The first time she saw the ocean, she was scared but very curious, running after the waves barking, them running away as they came after her. She soon learned to love the waves and even went out for a swim with with me. Riley doesn't care for the waves, he likes the water, just not the wave part. So he mainly digs in the sand more then anything else :)

 Making themselves at home.

 Riley found a new friend!


 Digging in the sand, his favorite past time.

 Grace, wanting so bad to chase the birds.

 Playing catch.

 Tired of playing fetch with mom, so he held onto the ball.




 My two beach pups!

 Resting after a long day on the beach.

 It's kinda windy!!!

 I can fly!

 I tried to get a picture of Riley but he wouldn't look at the camera. You can tell from his fur, how windy it was!

 Family picture!

 We rode the ferry back home, and the dogs enjoyed the view.

Until next time!