October 7, 2011

Why Hello There!

 I know, I know... I havent been posting lately :( Sorry, it as been really busy lately. The latest news is we put an offer on a house....but....the sellers accepted another offer. So, our search continues...

Anyways, today I have some pictures to share :)
Surprisingly they are not pictures of Riley and Grace!

Introducing Yogi, BooBoo and Xena! They are dogs of a friend of mine, that I let out to play/potty during lunch this week, while they were on their honeymoon.

 Yogi! A very ball driving little guy, he is such a clown!

"Throw the BALL!"

 Miss BooBoo! Such a sweet little girl!

 And last but not least Miss Xena! A very strong willed girl!

Boo loves to give kisses.

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