January 9, 2012

Happy (belated) Gotcha Day!

Yesterday was Grace's gotcha day!!!

I remembered about it the day before, and then forgot the day of, bad mom! I can't believe it's been a year since we adopted Miss Grace.

She has grown into a beautiful dog. She has surprised me with what she has accomplished, in just a year she:
- Got adopted!
- Adjusted into our family.
- Took and passed basic obedience.
- Took and passed her CGC test.
- Earned her RN title
-Made many new friends, people and doggies.
- and moved into a nice new house to call her own!

She never fails to make me laugh, I mean just this evening, after a long, frustrating day at work, I come home and the first thing she does, I just laugh and shake my head "oh Grace, you're too silly." So happy 1 year Gotcha Day Grace! We love you! Here's to many many more!

Below are pictures of what she looked like when the Border Collie rescue picked her up 2 years ago.

 Grace today!

I love this dog!
Happy Gotcha Day Grace!!!