April 20, 2014

April 12, 2014

Community Canine Title

A last month Riley, Grace and I were practicing for the ACGC aka. the AKC Community Canine test. It is the next title you can earn after the CGC. It required a bit more real-life situations from the dogs and I think Riley and Grace did a decent job. I mean, they passed, but for whatever reason, I felt like both of them were a bit off/ unfocused. But, I guess everyone has their off days, either way I am still very proud of them!

I ended up practicing and taking the test with both of them at the same time. It was a bit a juggle, but it worked out pretty well in the end. Just had to remind the evaluator a couple times I needed to go twice for everything. I had a soft kennel off to the side and after I completed one test item with one dog, I would switch and go again.

I actually didn't practice with Grace much, since I basically knew she would pass from the get go. She ends up doing most of what the test requires on a weekly basis, between obedience class and coming to places with me.

Riley, was the one I spent the most time practicing with. As you all know he has the social personality and one of the hardest parts for him is being greeted by a stranger. He doesn't jump of anything, just gets super wiggly and licks. The other hard part for him is to not greet other dogs, but I think he did very well considering.

I am so proud of Riley and Grace! Now we got to get our butts back in the Agility and Rally rings!

Here is the video if anyone wants to see. It is long since I did two dogs, but you can skip forward if you so desire, especially in the beginning, during the "waiting politely" test item.