May 27, 2011

The way they see it,

technically they are still out of the kitchen!


I've decided I'm not quite right in the head.....

I am pet-sitting for a friend over the weekend and she has offered to pay me, I said not necessary, but she wanted too.

Most women, given the chance, would use the little extra money to spend it on themselves, manis, pedis, shoes, perfumes, etc. ... not me... is it weird that the first things I think of to get, are things for the dogs??? I bought a couple things so far and have a couple others in mind hehe. Although I might be preaching to the choir here LOL!

No worries though! I am thinking of spending a little on myself :) I am in the need of some new workout clothes. I've been trying to run a few times a week with Riley and Grace, and the two pairs of shorts I have just aren't cutting it!

May 17, 2011

We're going for it!

Grace and I are preparing for the CGC test!

 Four months ago, if you asked Grace to perform these tasks, there would be no way she'd go for it. Granted, she was/is a very friendly dog and loves everyone, it was the initial greeting she was very shy and unsure about and would even back away sometimes. We have worked on building her confidence, bring her new places, meeting new people, new dogs, building on her obedience, and all these things have helped her blossom.

My obedience club is having the CGC test in a few weeks and they/I feel Grace is ready. There are a few classes leading up to the test to practice the situations the CGC calls for.

In the first class, we talked about what the test is, how each part is 'graded', what's expected and then did a run through with pointers and guidance. Grace was awesome during the practice run! Completely different (in a good way) dog from four months ago. I am extremely confident in her and have no doubt that with continued work she will feel the same about herself!

May 14, 2011

Riley goes dock diving.....kinda

Haha! Well Riley never actually jumped off the dock, and I never expected him too, it was his very first time up there. Although, he did enjoyed the exit ramp very much! So while Red and Mojo were resting in between their jumps Riley and I just had some fun playing in the water :)

"Awww now why did you go and thrown in the water?"

Riley decided right then and there was a good place to try and dry off. Silly boy!

I brought him to the exit ramp to get his toy, but it was off to the side and he was unsure how to get it.

So, I got his toy and threw it ahead and ta-da, Riley goes for it! Yay!

I love this picture :) Such focus!

Splash! He was actually jumping off the ramp into the water once he got comfortable.

That's my boy!!
Now it's time for the Golden puppies! Red has gotten so big! I remember when she first brought him home, now look at him!
Red getting some air!

Another great picture of Red. I swear the ears on these Golden puppies help them fly!

Getting ready to practice a speed retrieve!


Mr. Red

Good job! Now he gets to play tug with momma!
This is one of Red's siblings Mojo! Saying he LOVES to jump and get his bumper is an understatement! Once he gets in the water and to his bumper he does not want to come out, so his owner is training him with a long line to help teach him to come back.

Mr. Mojo!

Being a good boy and coming back when told, without the assistance of the long line.

May 6, 2011

Grace learns to weave

At the end of our obedience classes we sometimes learn a "Fun" trick/behavior. Last week it was weaving between legs. Grace got it right away and is doing very well. I am slowing adding more weaving and trying to ween off luring her around. But for only the 3rd time practicing she is doing awesome!

The more I talk with the instructors, the more I think about it, and the more I watch Grace learn, I think Grace would make a good Rally dog. She just really seems to like it. Last week one of my teachers said she would LOVE to see Grace do competition. I told her I've been thinking about it a lot and for now we are just going to keep coming to class and see where we go from there!
As I work with Riley and Grace, I can see their huge differences in personality! 

With Grace, she is very attentive and quiet. Sitting and staring at me, she waits for me to tell her what to do. Then when she does what I ask, it is in a very polite, lady like way :)

Riley on the other hand, not so much. He is very much my spastic agility dog, very quick and trying to think ahead. Before I even had a chance to tell him what I wanted, he was pulling all the stops LOL! Sit, Down, Spin, Down, etc. Then when he did do the weave it was very AHHHHHHH... Must... fast..... as I can! AHHHHH!

Such silly pups.

On a very different note, today was the first day I saw birds on my bird feeder! We put it out about a week ago and haven't seen anything, nothing, nada, zip. It is a much different story today! From what I've seen so far we've had 15+ House Sparrow, male and female Cardinals, a few Starlings, a Red-winged Blackbird, a couple Brown-headed Crowbirds, and a variety of Doves (Mourning, White-winged, and the Eurasian Collared Dove)! To think I was worried the birds wouldn't be able to find my feeder LOL!

Here are some pictures of some of the birds. (Sorry about the quality, I was taking them through the window blinds and screen.)

The male Cardinal and Sparrows

The Eurasian Collared-Doves

The Dove on the far right is the White-winged Dove

The feeder attracting all these birds!

Some Starlings

The Red-winged Blackbird

May 3, 2011

I think I broke an un-written doggie rule

... I vacuumed up all (well most) of the dog hair from their crate beds...

Apparently my dogs work very hard to put that hair there and were upset I removed it.

First, was Riley's bed. No real concern there, they came to investigate, left to go play with a toy, but came back to check on the bed. I put Riley's crate bed back in its place and he came to double check his bed was OK.

Second, was Grace's bed. I took it out and began to vacuum the top and under side, she looked at me like I was desecrating her belongings! She looked at me, went to her crate, looked around, came back looked at her bed, went back to her crate, came back, then decided the best thing to do was lay on said bed LOL!

- Hi Grace, I was kinda busy here.

-"No you weren't, you are doing unnecessary work here."

- Oh really, am I?


- How so?

-"See this hair? It is suppose to be here, I worked long and hard to put this hair here."

-Yes, Grace I see the hair, but I need to vacuum it up so you'll have a clean bed.

-"Pheeesh this bed not dirty, it is perfect as is!"

 - Don't you want a nice fresh bed to sleep in tonight?

- Humph.

-Regardless, I am your mom and I know what's best. I need you to move, so I can finish.

-"Naw, I am pretty comfy right here."

- Well I guess I'll have to continue with you on the bed."


 -"Wait! No! Don't vacuum me! I'm too young to die!"

-Oh hush, you aren't going to......ummm yea, yea you might if you don't move.

 -"....H....hey, this feels kin....kinda nice."

-Wait..., you're enjoying this?!

 -"Ooooh yeaaaa, a little lower... ahhhh right there, that's the spot.....ahhhh"

-Sigh..... I give up.