May 27, 2011

The way they see it,

technically they are still out of the kitchen!


I've decided I'm not quite right in the head.....

I am pet-sitting for a friend over the weekend and she has offered to pay me, I said not necessary, but she wanted too.

Most women, given the chance, would use the little extra money to spend it on themselves, manis, pedis, shoes, perfumes, etc. ... not me... is it weird that the first things I think of to get, are things for the dogs??? I bought a couple things so far and have a couple others in mind hehe. Although I might be preaching to the choir here LOL!

No worries though! I am thinking of spending a little on myself :) I am in the need of some new workout clothes. I've been trying to run a few times a week with Riley and Grace, and the two pairs of shorts I have just aren't cutting it!


  1. I'm exactly the same! Since getting my money in in April, I've bought a couple things for myself - and a lot for the dogs!

    I love how even your new workout clothes are being bought with your dogs in mind, too :)

  2. I think Riley's a little more out of the kitchen! Too cute!