May 3, 2011

I think I broke an un-written doggie rule

... I vacuumed up all (well most) of the dog hair from their crate beds...

Apparently my dogs work very hard to put that hair there and were upset I removed it.

First, was Riley's bed. No real concern there, they came to investigate, left to go play with a toy, but came back to check on the bed. I put Riley's crate bed back in its place and he came to double check his bed was OK.

Second, was Grace's bed. I took it out and began to vacuum the top and under side, she looked at me like I was desecrating her belongings! She looked at me, went to her crate, looked around, came back looked at her bed, went back to her crate, came back, then decided the best thing to do was lay on said bed LOL!

- Hi Grace, I was kinda busy here.

-"No you weren't, you are doing unnecessary work here."

- Oh really, am I?


- How so?

-"See this hair? It is suppose to be here, I worked long and hard to put this hair here."

-Yes, Grace I see the hair, but I need to vacuum it up so you'll have a clean bed.

-"Pheeesh this bed not dirty, it is perfect as is!"

 - Don't you want a nice fresh bed to sleep in tonight?

- Humph.

-Regardless, I am your mom and I know what's best. I need you to move, so I can finish.

-"Naw, I am pretty comfy right here."

- Well I guess I'll have to continue with you on the bed."


 -"Wait! No! Don't vacuum me! I'm too young to die!"

-Oh hush, you aren't going to......ummm yea, yea you might if you don't move.

 -"....H....hey, this feels kin....kinda nice."

-Wait..., you're enjoying this?!

 -"Ooooh yeaaaa, a little lower... ahhhh right there, that's the spot.....ahhhh"

-Sigh..... I give up.


  1. LOL! I can't believe Grace let you vacuum her! And I love Rily's "door mat". Higgins has that same problem :)

  2. That second to last photo made me laugh:)
    One of our previous dogs enjoyed being vacuumed. Luna's too busy trying to bite it.

  3. Grace is so silly! Sounds like the dogs were trying to let you know you were Doing It Wrong. Beds are supposed to have a thick layer of hair, see!

    I giggled at Grace letting you vacuum her!