May 14, 2011

Riley goes dock diving.....kinda

Haha! Well Riley never actually jumped off the dock, and I never expected him too, it was his very first time up there. Although, he did enjoyed the exit ramp very much! So while Red and Mojo were resting in between their jumps Riley and I just had some fun playing in the water :)

"Awww now why did you go and thrown in the water?"

Riley decided right then and there was a good place to try and dry off. Silly boy!

I brought him to the exit ramp to get his toy, but it was off to the side and he was unsure how to get it.

So, I got his toy and threw it ahead and ta-da, Riley goes for it! Yay!

I love this picture :) Such focus!

Splash! He was actually jumping off the ramp into the water once he got comfortable.

That's my boy!!
Now it's time for the Golden puppies! Red has gotten so big! I remember when she first brought him home, now look at him!
Red getting some air!

Another great picture of Red. I swear the ears on these Golden puppies help them fly!

Getting ready to practice a speed retrieve!


Mr. Red

Good job! Now he gets to play tug with momma!
This is one of Red's siblings Mojo! Saying he LOVES to jump and get his bumper is an understatement! Once he gets in the water and to his bumper he does not want to come out, so his owner is training him with a long line to help teach him to come back.

Mr. Mojo!

Being a good boy and coming back when told, without the assistance of the long line.


  1. It's full of fun in the water!!! Beautiful pictures!

  2. It looks like Riley had some serious fun (and Red and Mojo, too). I especially love that photo of Riley staring with full-focus at his toy as he swims - awesome, way to go Riley!

  3. Awesome pictures! I've always wanted to try dock diving with Secret because she's such a water nut and makes these crazy jumps off shore. Not sure if she'd have the guts to jump off the high dock like that, but I'd love to try. How neat that you guys got to play, and Red is fantastic!

  4. excellent shots! I would love to try dock diving with Ranger, it would be a blast!