July 29, 2010

I spy, with my little eye

Riley ears!

Alarms goes off this morning and I get up, do what I got to do to get ready for work. As I sit on the floor in front of the mirror to do my make-up, I look aver and all I see of Riley are two little ears :) I had to giggle and snap a picture.

But mooommmm do we have to get up???

Work was rough today, so after work I came home and took a nap with Riley.  This is what I had as a napping buddy... lol

July 27, 2010

Do not look into his eyes!

 They have unmatched persuasion powers!  

July 26, 2010

At least one of us had fun....

The past couple weeks it has been too hot to do anything but a quick walk. Today it actually cooled down to the upper 80's so you don't feel like you are going through jello (although that sounds good about now!) To celebrate Riley and I went on a Rollerblade ride. When I ride with Riley, I usually have him on a leash, and that's how we started off today.

As we go I look around and there are no bikers, no other people. I'm thinking "great! we have the whole trail!" I let Riley off leash and off we go...... SCREECH, THUD.....
Not 30 seconds after I get going, I fall! I've never fallen before! You would think without the leash in hand it would give me more stability.... Nope. Maybe I've adapted my skating to accommodate holding the leash, I don't know.
-Riley running next to me, while I Rollerblade. No this is not when I fall-

Now this is why I love Riley. After I kinda startle him with my fall ( I fell towards him) he immediately stops and comes to me as if to say "Mom, you ok? You aren't suppose to be on the ground. You ok?" I love my little stinker! I assure him I'm fine and get him some water as I use my water to wash off my knee and shoulder. Then in true Riley fashion he heads to a mud puddle, since mom is fine why not have some fun LOL.

So as he plays in the mud, I sit on the ground have a mini pity party, then decided I'm not going to let a fall ruin our ride. So snap some pictures, pick myself up and continue our way :)

So now Riley is a happy, tired pup, while I sit with antibiotic cream and ice on my knee and shoulder :(
At least one of us had fun.

July 24, 2010


When asked "Are you hungry?", instant drools ensues!

I've started to notice how many "types" of drool there is. There's the looooong, mouth to floor drool, then there's what I call the leaky faucet drool, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip..... Then my all time favorite, the bubbly drool, which is what I've tried to capture here.

This is the best picture I could get... I couldn't ask him to wait any longer with out being cruel, haha. I must try to capture a better drooling picture in the future. :)
Click picture to enlarge.

July 19, 2010

Wait..... Wait.....

Finally starting to get Riley to focus on the carrot/treat and not the object on his face! I started on his head and once we got that down I moved to his nose. I got one picture and one picture only! I didn't want to be pushy and I was happy with the picture :)

July 12, 2010

July 11, 2010

Time for a haircut

When we first adopted Riley at 8 months old, he had big pointy ears and a slender face.

As he got older his "ear hair" or his "side burns" as I liked to call them, started growing and growing and growing! Me, along with everyone who saw him, loved his ear hair. But it was always getting matted and it just kept GROWING!

So, one day I decided to give him a little trim :) He now looks like he did when we first adopted him haha. Although I am glad it'll grow back but when it gets too long again, I'll just trim it again :)

Not too bad if I do say so myself.

July 10, 2010

Long over due!

OK, so I know I haven't really been keeping up with posting. But, in my defense, I've started a new chapter in my life. I got married! And moved into a new, bigger, better apartment.

Things had been ready busy around here, but have started to settle down and I have been able to get my camera back out. It's been too long! :)

My favorite subject, Riley!

"Keep walking, there is nothing to see here."

You can NEVER have TOO MANY toys!

Now that I've got the camera back out, I plan to post more often and continue to practice with my camera. I may have to start coaching my new husband on the workings of my camera, because we have enrolled Riley in a beginners agility and he is now our official agility photographer :)



Until next time!