February 7, 2013

Pup Scouts puppy class

On Saturdays, I volunteer at Pup Scouts, a dog training business. Years ago, when we first adopted Riley, this is where we took him. It was fun, positive, successful, and gave me great foundation to build on. So, naturally when we adopted Grace this is where we took her, and she thrived! She loves to work and do anything I ask, and it was the people here, that got us into Rally. We've hung around ever since.

Saturday mornings, there is puppy class and basic obedience class. Part of puppy class is social/play time and I decided to play with my new lens. The rooms lighting is not ideal, so I need to play around with my settings. I hope to take pictures every week of all different dog. Here are some of the good pictures I took; Bear the Schnauzer/Poodle, Sam the mix (I'm guessing Aussie or BC and Chocolate Lab) and Einstein the Corgi.

Bear and Sam are a bit on the shy side and would prefer to just sit and watch, but Einstein makes sure to get everyone involved!

We like to call this, the circle of friendship!

Hopefully I can remember to take pictures every week!


  1. Cute! Is the chocolate dog a lab/border collie cross? Kinda looks like one.....

    1. That is my best guess. It is always fun to try and guess what they could be :)