February 18, 2013

Tut Tut, Looks Like Rain

Today I took it easy. Slept in a little and hung out outside with the pups until it started to rain. But seeing that there were birds trying to eat at the bird feeder, Grace didn't care. She LOVES to chase them around the bushes, as they fly from one to the other.

Usually, once it started to rain, Grace won't even go out to potty. But the lore of the birds proved too much for her, and she continued to play. So, needless to say, both the pups got a both today. They were over due for one anyways.

    It must be breeding season for the little sparrows, because through out the day they will have fights in the bushes and all you hear is a lot of "tweet!" "tweet!" "tweet!", and it gets Grace (and sometimes Riley) all excited. All I can hope is that the little sparrows keep to the higher bushes, because when they are in their fights, they aren't really aware of their surroundings, and I don't want to know what Riley or Grace would do if they caught one.

Chasing the birds, just before the rain started.

Standing in the rain.

Riley's crazy hair after the rain.

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