February 4, 2013

Murphy's visit

Ok, I'm back blogging world! I know I said I was going to post pictures of puppy Murphy soon, the last time I blogged, but he kept us pretty busy and took us a bit to recover after he went home! We have never had a young puppy in the house before and it has be a very long time since I personally had one. Nevertheless, he was fun to have around, keeping us entertained with his puppy antics. He could be a bit pushy towards Riley and Grace if they weren't paying attention to him, but either I or they would tell him to cut it out. Mostly when he got that way, I took him outside and we played fetch.

Looking at Murphy, one might guess he is a Black Lab puppy, while he is actually a Black Lab/Blue Heeler mix. Although, I think the Heeler gene skipped him! He seems 100% Lab to me! He loves the game of retrieving!

These were the best group shots I could get of everyone! Murphy didn't quit know what stay meant.

Ever feel like someone is watching you??

Begging Grace to play with him. She had other plans.

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