April 2, 2011

New Stuff!

So, I confess, I think I have a thing for collars :) Hehe
Every time I see a cool, neat, pretty, different collar I want to buy it. The dogs need new ones right??? LOL Honestly, I just do a  lot of wishful shopping :P Riley and Grace only have 2 each.

Recently while running the normal errands, I would make a swing by the pet isle/store and browse through the collars and toys. But lately I just keep seeing the same ol same ol collars. I wanted something different.

I turned to the internet and I found the cutest etsy.com shop and just had to get some! The lady's shop is call ColeysCollars, and she makes the cutest handmade custom collars at a reasonable price! I ordered one for each dog and I can't wait until they come in!

Riley's new collar!

Grace's new collar!

I'll make sure to post some pictures of the pups modeling their new collars when they arrive!

Also on the list of new stuff are some soft kennels. I've been wanting some for a while and found a pretty good deal on Amazon. So instead of hauling their heavy wire kennel around when we travel, go to future agility trials, or anything, we can use these! I got 2 of the same beige color and I was thinking of getting those iron on letters and customizing them that way. I am pretty excited for these to come in too!

PS: Sorry if the font is small, Blogger seems to be giving me some grief....


  1. Those are nice collars!
    We have three of the soft sided kennels. Two I managed to get at a pretty good price off Craigslist. They are great:)

  2. Longtime lurker, first-time poster... but those collars, especially Grace's, are gorgeous! I get my dogs' collars from Scrufts (http://scrufts.co.uk/), and they are absolutely lovely. I'm a collar fanatic too though.

  3. Hi Sophie! Thanks for following! The website you provided has some really cute ones too! I'll have to save the site to my favorites :)