March 29, 2011

Dock Dogs and a New Toy!

 This past weekend was the "Paws in the Park" Dock Dogs event in Pasadena TX. My friend and Red were entered, as well as some of Red's litter mates, Mojo and Gitchi. Being there, in person, was a ton of fun, I had only ever seen dock dogs on TV, so I was really excited to go. Everyone there was really supportive of all the other competitors and everyone was just having fun.

Red wasn't quit sure about this whole jumping thing! He had only jumped off the side of a pool (which he did with no hesitation), so this whole dock thing was a little scary. But the little guy over came his fear and jumped with..... style?.... grace?.... nope, he jumped with heart and humor!

 Red's second jump

Red's final and best jump of the day. He jumped 4 ft! I'd say he was getting the hang of it :)

One of Red's brothers, Mojo.

 Mr. Mojo got 1st place in novice, with a jump of 9 ft.!

Red's sister, Gitchi. She was by far the most confident.

I'd say it was a great debut for the young pups and it was so much fun to watch! 

On the way home we got a new toy for Riley and Grace, one of those treat dispenser ball toys (our old one has seen better days). I don't remember the name of the toy, I threw away the wrappings already.... I know real convenient. But anywho the dogs love it and they got to take turns playing with it.

Riley is a pro at these treat balls. If rolling it isn't giving him treats, he kicks it, that doesn't work, he throws it, and as a final result he will throw it down the stairs and gather the treats that fall out as he goes down.

Grace is a little more delicate, for now. She will just nudge it around or chew on it.

I put the difficulty level on easy for them the first time, and they both figured it out dang quick!

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