October 9, 2010

Agility in Real Life

Today Riley and I saw our first agility trial in person! Up until now, I have only seen agility on TV and what we do in class. It was so awesome it actually be there, even if this was just a small trial.

Now, I apologize in advance for my lack of agility terminology :) I'm new to this whole world LOL. The trial we watched was a CPE agility trail held in Santa Fe, TX. The runs I watched were Standard and Jumpers. The atmosphere there was very friendly and relaxed. Everyone would cheer for each dog after a run and I even got to meet and talk to people. I got to see how a trial works, the different height classes, and different types of runs.

Here are some pictures I took during the Standard run.

Even this young girl could do it! Gives me hope about Riley and I LOL

These pictures are from the Jumpers run. All I could think of during these runs (besides how much fun they looked) was I BELIEVE I CAN FLY! :)

This Lab was so cute. She was just an old girl having some fun :)

So Riley, what do you think? You think you wanna do this?

"Do I wanna do this? Bah ah ha ha ha! What a silly question."

 So this was our adventure today :) Everyone did great and it was just an all around fun place to be. I look forward to the day when it'll be Riley and I out there!


  1. Awesome Pictures! We are your newest followers check us out at http://www.lifewith5dogs.com/

  2. How fun! WHat a great idea bringing Riley to check out a trial!

    CPE is so much fun.

  3. I love taking pictures of agility! Great photos, and such a variety of breeds!

  4. Glad you went and watched! I always encourage my newbie students to attend as many trials as they can to watch and/or volunteer. Not only do you learn SO MUCH that way, but you see that -- *GASP* -- People make mistakes! Even at the top levels, you will see handlers do the dumbest things sometimes. We are all human. And the top dogs can all have off days and do silly things. I think watching trials and the silly things that go on at them can take a lot of pressure off new handlers. There are some people out there who take this sport way too seriously and don't seem to have a lot of fun, but they are not in the majority!

  5. LOL Karissa, you hit the nail on the head! I am so glad I went. I most important thing I learned was, Have fun! and yes, you will make mistakes! Just like you said :)

    Lately I've been getting so nervous in class, afraid to mess up (I tend to hold high standards for myself). But after going to the trial and seeing just about everyone make some kind of mistake. Honestly, I feel so much more relaxed! Bring on the challenge!

    It was also a good for Riley to go. Experience the crowd of the trail, and he did awesome. Whined a little at first (he wanted to go join the fun) but soon he just chilled, relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere :)

  6. those pics are awesome. We luv watching agility. I think If I put Winston into that we would saunter up to the poles take one look sit down and give me "the pug look"..... you want me to do what!, pft the only thing pugs do at free will is beg when the food comes out, I am a pug that is what we do!

  7. Oh psh, pugs can totally do agility. I have a friend who does agility with her two pugs and they are two of the most titled dogs ever -- They have Championship titles in numerous venues spanning from TDAA to USDAA and even now in the new organization, UKI. Nobody should ever say, "Oh, I have so & so breed, we could never do that."

  8. What great pictures!! Love them, especially the 'in air' ones!! We are another new follower from the Thankful FUR 3 Thursday Blog Hop! Please stop by to see us.
    Joan & Jane Austen-Eyre