May 6, 2012

Work and Fun

Ok, I am back! I feel like I've been going non stop for the past....ever. We are in the middle of major deconstruction/landscaping in the back yard. I feel like ever free minute we have, we are spending it outside. But, it will look so nice when we are done. Basically there was a HUGE koi pond in the backyard when we moved in, Riley kept jumping in it, the pumps and all were broken, and it just wasn't our "thing". So it had to go.

Before picture
The current After picture
We took out everything! In the (hopefully) near future we will put in a paver patio and a new flower bed.
* * *
In other news, Riley earned his CGC! It was a lot of work and practicing, but we managed to pull it off! I don't have video of his test, sorry :( But here are some pictures of him wearing the CGC metal! He did such a good job. The hardest part for him was the sitting nicely for a greeting and the examination, but he did it! Now, both my pups are good citizens :)

* * *
And Miss Grace had her first Rally Advanced trial yesterday! She did SO GOOD! We got a score of 94/100 with a first place! I was super nervous before hand. I even had dreams about it the night before! Dreams of her doing awesome and dreams of her running wild around the ring! As always, Grace was the solid rock star I know she is. I had absolutely no reason to worry. There are still things we both need to polish up, but I could not be more happy with her performance!

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  1. awesome job at the rally trial! your blog is gorgeous!