October 8, 2012

Dare I say, Fall is here.

It seems that Fall may be upon us here in Texas, the temperatures have been around the mid 70's, upper 60's for a few days now and look to be here to stay... for now. Knowing me, I probably just jinked it and it will be back in the 90s tomorrow. For now, we are loving this cooler weather, I have the doors and windows open and the pups are enjoying sun bathing.

As much as I like living in the Southern US, I can't help but envy the people of the other blogs I follow, that are well into their Fall or even have hints of Winter knocking at the door. I miss having seasons, I miss the changing of the leaves and even snow. Yes, I said it, I miss snow! Now I know some of you more northern bloggers may be saying "Here! Take some! Take it all!" and wouldn't mind if it snowed now and again here in Houston. Although, I don't think most of Houston would agree with me there! I just sometimes feel, that when it gets cold enough, there should be some snow. At least it would give a good reason for it being so wet and cold sometimes!

So, until winter hits here and I wait for that elusive snow, we will enjoy the nice Fall weather we have. Since, if this year follows the years past, Fall will not stick around for ever long, just long enough to tease us and then off it goes. I can only hope that the temperatures will stick around, at least until Riley and my first agility trial! Our debut is in about 3 weeks! October 27th and 28th!

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    Good Luck with your upcoming agility debut. I'll check back to see how it went.