April 8, 2013

Spring time projects

 A rare non-dog post! Gasp!

Since we've moved to our new house, a little over a year a go, we've been putting most out focus on the neglected backyard. This weekend, we took on the area under the pergola, it was mud, weeds and ants. We decided to dig out the area and replace it with sand and rocks, with the goal to have it cleaner and easier to maintain (weeds/ants).

Hubby digging out the area.

Of course Riley had to help. He thought the weed fabric was the best thing ever and absolutely needed laying on. It helped, by keeping it from flying away from the wind, but it wasn't in the right spot. Grace was too busy hunting for lizards during this project, she missed out... Or maybe Riley missed out on lizard hunting... who knows.

Finished product!!! Great weekend project!

Here are some before/after pictures of our project area. The only thing left we have left to do is plant some hostas/shade plants in the flower bed area next to the house (under the windows to the left, you can't see too well), potted plants, patio furniture and a grill.

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  1. Wow, you've really done a lot of nice clean up. The after pictures look great!