July 30, 2013

Summer time treat

We have had a watermelon sitting on our kitchen counter for weeks now. Originally, we were going to eat it for July 4th,  and I had the best intention of cutting it up into fun star shapes and everything, but that never happened. So, it has just sat there... day in and day out and I just didn't want to throw it away. So, the dogs got a yummy summer time treat!

Riley didn't really care for it. He would lick it and then wonder off, and come back, back and forth. I believe the only reason he kept coming back was because Grace was so into it!

Watermelon; best when eaten with whole face is shoved in.

Grace was going bonkers for the watermelon! She would have eaten the whole thing if I'd let her!

Grace showing off her watermelon beard.
At least someone enjoyed the watermelon! The rest is back in the refrigerator for future doggie eats.


  1. Looks like Grace really loved it. You might need to do a repeat of the watermelon for her on hot days.

  2. Our dog loves watermelon. Actually, he loves just about anything and can hear a slice of processed cheese being opened from 2 rooms away--- through a closed door--- fast asleep.