March 3, 2014


We have been in a lull lately, not really doing much besides our usual everyday stuff. Work seems to be consuming all my time and I hate it. Not to mention, today is the second time in 2 weeks I have some kind of stomach bug. So I took off work but all I get to do is sit here and recover.

Luckily, for me, for the next couple weeks I get to do something with the pups. Our training facility is offering the AKC Community Canine test and since Riley and Grace both have their CGC, I would like to do this with them. The only catch is, it is a long while in between classes/test, so I am attempting to practice in class and take the test with both dogs together.

This past Saturday was our first practice class. It was a bit of a juggle at first, figuring out how I was going to practice with both. First, I tried switching them back and forth, one in the kennel, then switch. But that was too much of a hassle. Second, I had my friend, who works there, who was watching the class, hold one dog while I worked, and she could practice with the one she had. But she eventually had to go answer the phone.

What ended up working the best, was me working both Riley and Grace at the same time. I do it at home all the time. I guess I thought class would be different, I don't know. Grace knows the drill, we practice most of what the test requires weekly, in and out of class, and she tends to be more of a quite personality (most the time haha). Riley, is the more of the squirmy, social butterfly type, so it take a bit more work with him. He can do it all, it just take a bit more reminding.

I think our first class went really well and I look forward to the others!

We have two more practice classes then the test. I have no doubt Grace will pass and Riley I have high hopes for, with practice.

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