December 6, 2010



After the sudden and unexpected loss of William, my friend was grieving and alone. She wasn't expecting to get another dog so soon, but the opportunity came for this little guy, and she ran with it. Red has turned out to be the perfect medicine for her.

Red, at 15 weeks, has already started baby agility things and seems to have a knack for swimming/dock jumping, only from the side of a pool mind you.....for now, haha.

This past Saturday, Red and Riley met up for a play date. This was only their 2nd time meeting and the first time was briefly on-leash. Riley was unsure about this new, bouncy puppy, he had never met a puppy before. At first Riley ignored Red. My interpretation of their first meeting goes like this.

Riley: WHO are YOU?! Ugg gross, mmooommmm he licked me! Ahh he won't stop!

Red: Hi! Hi! Who are you? Wanna play? Huh huh huh!?

Riley: Uhh nooo

Riley: Oh my gosh, this thing keeps following me, shoo, shoo! Mom, do I have to play? Sigh, ok RUN! Catch me if you can!

Red: Yay! A game of chase!

Riley: Hey..... this is kind..... kinda..... fun....HAHAHA!

It took a while for Riley to learn how to play with Red but it didn't take long for them to chase, wrestle, and just enjoy each others company.

 I was able to get a short video of the two boys playing :) Riley would play in short burst with Red, then chill a little while, then continue. Maybe he didn't want to be to rough.... I donno. Red didn't seem to mind :)

After a long hard day meeting new friends and playing, you get this, two happy, exhausted pups. Riley was tired as well but waited until we got home to pass out :)


  1. So cute! What an awesome new friend!

  2. Red is adorable! How fun to have a new friend to wrestle with.

  3. What a little cutie!!
    Golden cross?
    Riley and Red looked like they had a great time together:)

  4. Red's the cutest! I'm glad he's helping his owner cope.

  5. Red is pretty cute :) He is one of most polite puppies I have ever met.

    Karen: Red is a Golden Retriever pup :) They had a blast together, but it won't be long before Red surpasses Riley in size :)

  6. Dogs are the best medicine for a lot of things.