December 16, 2010

Paws Crossed

Lately I've been feeling the need to expand our doggie family. Just recently have I started talking to hubby about it, he was a little more unsure but we both agreed Riley needs a friend.

I started looking on just to look really, not expecting anything. After a couple day of off and on looking I saw this face, and fell in love (I have a thing for spots LOL).

I showed her to my husband and he liked her too. Her bio sounds like she would fit right in at our house/lifestyle. So after a couple days of talking things over with each other, we decided to go ahead and apply!

So today we sent in the application for this sweet girl! :)

 Chloe Grace
Sex: Female
Age: 3 yrs.
Coat: Black/White, Semi-Rough
Weight: 35 lbs.
Activity Level: Active Companion

"Meet Chloe! The first 3 years of this sweet girl’s life have been very tough but thankfully she found her way into ABC Rescue & is now on the road to a healthy, happy life. Chloe was initially adopted from the Humane Society as a puppy but ended up in a kill shelter just 3 years later terrified & extremely ill. With the help of rescue & a local vet, she has overcome all of her health issues & is ready to find a forever home that will love her & keep her safe from here on out! "

"Chloe is a very affectionate girl & her foster mom often tells her she has one of the sweetest faces she has ever seen! Her main priorities in life are giving kisses & playing with her toys. She loves to play ball & frisbee & usually can be found with a toy (or 2) in her mouth at all times! As long as Chloe gets enough exercise during the day, she is more than happy to settle down in the evening to watch TV & relax. Chloe gets very attached to her people and will have to go to a home that is willing to make her a member of the family. Although Chloe loves going outside to chase the ball & roll around with her foster brother, she prefers to be inside when her family is not outside with her."

"Chloe loves her Border Collie foster siblings & would like to go to a home where she can have a playmate to play tug with. She is great with dogs of all sizes & loves to play chase. She is very interested in cats but backs down when they approach her so she should only be placed with dog savy cats. "

"Chloe is very affectionate to children of all ages but is still learning that jumping up is not the proper way to greet someone. Chloe is very eager to learn new things & needs to go to a home that will continue positive training methods. Her foster mom thinks she would really enjoy enrolling in a basic obedience class. Chloe may even be a good candidate for flyball or another dog sport. She is very treat motivated & is eager to please her family. "

"Chloe is being fostered in the San Antonio area & is up to date on shots, spayed, microchipped & kennel trained. If you can provide the loving home this little girl needs."
We are very excited! The rescue staff forwarded our application to Chloe's foster mom and we should hear from her in a couple days!

Cross your fingers and paws, the she is a good match for us, and we are a good match for her!


  1. She sounds wonderful, and we'll be crossing paws and fingers for you!

  2. You should have adopted Max and had a Riley twin! He's still available if things don't work out with this pretty girl. ;o) Good luck!

  3. Wow! I think Riley will like her! *Fingers crossed* she suits you!

  4. Any news yet??? Paws are still crossed!

    Emma Rose