February 5, 2011

How we love play-dates!

I am so happy and thankful we have such a great group of friends who love having play-dates. Us hanging with friends, dogs hanging with doggie friends, what could be better? It brings joy to my heart :)

This is play date number two for Grace! Once again she was such a lady and enjoyed her self. Her, Riley and Red (who has grown so much since we last saw him!) wrestled and ran just about the entire time!



Red and Grace putting on their scary faces!

Aww Grace, that's his cheek haha

Handsome Red

Next we played some ball outside. All the dogs were great about sharing the ball, although at first Grace did express her distaste for the boys being faster then her :) Riley and Red would zoom after the ball and Grace ran behind, when either Riley or Red got the ball, Grace would bark a couple times as she caught up and then all three would run back haha.

Every once in a while the boys would let her win!

 Go Grace Go!

Red loves his tunnel!

Now, you can't have a fun play date without posing for some pictures

Riley and Red posing on the mini A-frame

Got to get Grace in there!

The boys and the tunnel.

Everyone smile! Aww Grace you blinked.

 Take two, Perfect!

Everyone had such a great time! And now I have two happy, tired pups

On a different note, Grace had obedience class number two today as well! She is very anxious in new places, and there were lots of strange people and dogs she didn't know (well a lot for her, there's only 5 other dogs/handlers in class). She has done great thus far, but today we worked on downs... and she was not about to lay down with all the strange people around her. But thankfully our instructor is very patient and understanding (one reason why I picked her). It took about 15 minute before Grace did her first down and when she did, you would have thought she had done some spectacular trick with the way I cheered! YAAAY! GOOD GIRL! YOU ARE SO AWESOME! YOU DID IT!! GOOD GIRL GRACE! 
(Lots of treats and rubs ensued!)

After getting over the big hurtle of doing a down in front of all the strange people and dogs, the following downs were a bit easier!
Go Grace!


  1. Great pics! we bet you all would be fun to rough house with!! play bows,

    RA & Isis

  2. It is hard to tell where Grace begins and Riley ends in that dog pile. Red is indeed a very handsome boy. They certainly look worn out after a busy day of Fun.
    Go Grace!

  3. Such fun! Red is HUGE!! He's adorable! Glad the boys let Grace win now and again...

  4. Here's an award for you: http://www.thegreendogs.com/2011/02/award-and-bens-gotcha-day.html

  5. Your play dates look like so much fun! We are gonna try and have a friend come over for Charlie soon! Red is a pretty cute friend too! :)

  6. Wonderful pictures! It looks like everyone had a super day. And a tired Border Collie is a very good thing :)

  7. Red is going to be a HUGE Goldie!!!! Holy cow his a GIANT now. He is purdy thats for sure.