February 12, 2011

I have the bug! The agility bug that is :)

I've made a few jumps a long time ago, but I've wanted to expand to my equipment list for a long time. Now I am! First "big" piece is the Teeter. Recently Riley has developed a hesitation on the teeter (he hasn't always had it, it's a new thing), I don't think it's a fear, just lack of confidence. He'll run up onto the teeter... then slowly walk... get lower....creeeeeep....slowly tip....creeeeep.... get a little higher.... and make it to the contact.

So, to practice in between weekly classes I built my own Teeter! Pictures of it fully competed and maybe even some with Riley on it will be posted tomorrow.

 The base

 The Teeter board
My teeter and my friends (Red's mom) mini A-frame

Living in an apartment has it's major down falls. Like, lack of a yard for example :( But we do have a nice grassy area right outside, I just have to haul everything out each time I want to practice. I only have to laugh to myself, imagining what my neighbors think of me when I am out there. I'm sure they just peek out their windows, shake their heads, perplexed, or are maybe even a little intrigued.

"What the hell is that lady doing?", "Is she part of a circus?", "Why would you make a dog do THAT?", "Hey Dave, come look at this crazy lady outside!"

LOL, Glad to know I amuse my neighbors I guess!

Now, when we finally buy a house, my one requirement is a large enough backyard for my agility/future agility equipment :) And God bless my husband for agreeing to it! Unfortunately we are about 1-1.5 years away from affording the down payment it requires/ my husband wants to have...

So, until then, I shall be known by our neighbors, as the weird circus lady that makes her dog do crazy tricks!

Yay for crazy agility people!


  1. cool! have fun with your new teeter Riley! Will Grace play on them too?

  2. Oh, that photo is too funny.
    Yup, you must be crazy with two BC's in an apartment! If you weren't crazy before you surely are by now : ) Nice job on that teeter!!

  3. Thanks Ryker! The teeter works great, we just have it on a short height for now. I am thinking of adjusting the base slightly, I just didn't feel it was perfect.

    Charlie, Riley is loving the teeter and getting more confident every time. Grace doesn't play on it now, but maybe in the future she will!