November 14, 2011

Grace earns her very first title!

 This weekend Grace was in a Rally competition. It presented it's own challenges because it was on a dirt floor. We had only ever worked on solid ground, but she did amazingly well.

We got there early Saturday morning, thinking our run was around 10:00am. Only to find out it was actually at 4:00pm.... Needless to say I didn't realize there were two different show that same day. Oh well, lesson learned! So after hanging around half the morning, we went home for lunch and to just chill. We came back later that afternoon and did our run.

The run was the last leg towards her RN title, I was nervous but confident at the same time. 

 Just hanging out.

Grace and I completed our run with a score of 87/100! Which means we did it!!! She earned her first title! We had a few hiccups, but her attitude was what I was happy about. The past runs we've done, we started the course and it was "forge ahead!" She would be oblivious of what we were doing, until a few stations in. BUT this time she came back after station 1. We are both still very much green and still have much to learn/proof.

I cannot be more proud of our little girl! She has come such a long way in the 10 months we've had her. Her foster mom and rescue were overjoyed with her progress as well. Grace literally came from rock bottom to on top of the world (in our eyes at least).

Grace with her loot!

Now on to Advanced Rally!!!