March 8, 2012

Tell me Thusday #9

This weeks TMT is freestyle! I'm not a very interesting person so this should be interesting haha
 - Work sucks lately. There is WAY to much to go into it, but just trust me, it sucks. Probably one of the main reasons I haven't been blogging much.
- Grace is doing super good on her Rally stuff! One day soon I will work up the courage to enter a trail in Advanced Rally. The whole off leash thing makes me nervous.
-Riley is doing awesome with Agility, and I am still working on his weaves.
-I am surrounded by pregnant friends! Haha Seems like everyone is on that band wagon. We aren't there just yet :) Give us a year.
-I am trying to get Riley to get his CGC. I was spoiled with Grace, she made it look easy. With him it's all about being calm. That is almost impossible for him. At this point he can barely contain himself when our teacher approaches to do the greeting, not even pet him, He is just such a social dog.
- This would have been an interesting post if I didn't correct anything. It is almost 11:20 pm, and I am sooo tired!

Well, I guess what is about it. I could go on, by I am hitting the backspace more then actual typing.

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