March 3, 2012

Vote for Riley

Anyone want to help Riley win a photo contest? It is about dogs at play for Olly dog on Facebook. All you have to do is "like" Riley's picture under their Dogs at Play Contest album. The contest ends this Monday 9am! The prize is an OllyDog toy.

Thank you Blogger friends!


  1. Done! That's a great photo!

    PS Can I suggest you remove the verification word
    It's a PITA now that there's two of them, and you'll find very little if any spam gets through.

    1. Thanks for voting! :) Yea, I'll have to figure out how to change that haha, now that there is 2, it is pretty annoying!

  2. Fantastic photo! I voted for it! Hope you win! :D

  3. Good luck for he comp. I've got an award for you here if you're interested:

    Just looking at your sidebar - is this the 4th award I've given you? Ah well, I REALLY like your blog!

  4. Happy to! Fantastic shot!

    And LOL - I gave you an award as well if you're so inclined...

  5. Thanks for voting everyone!!! Riley won! By 3 votes, with a total of 73! He is so loved. The prize is a few of the OllyDog toys! He is going to love them!

    2 awards!!! Thank you! I better get blogging!!!