July 20, 2012

Big weekend ahead!

This weekend is the Reliant dog show, and I have signed Grace up for Saturday and Sunday. I am excited but very nervous at the same time. If we do good both days, she can earn her Rally Advanced title. I hope she doesn't get too distracted by all the new smells and noises, but if I can keep her focus, I have no doubt we will do fine.

I am excited to see all my Rally and Agility friends! I will know a lot more people this year and that just makes it all that much more fun. Watching and cheering everyone on! Also on top of seeing all my friends, Grace's rescue group will be there and are so excited to see her compete! Unfortunately, her old foster mom couldn't make it, but will be cheering us on from afar.

Between all my friends there, I hope to snag someone to get some video for me :)



  1. How fun! Good luck to you both!
    Gracie is such a beautiful dog! Love your photos.

  2. Good luck guys! I bet you and your lovely dog will do each other proud :)