July 23, 2012

Reliant AKC Dog Show Weekend

This past weekend was the Reliant AKC dog show. It was at this same show a year ago, that I entered Grace in her very first rally event, so it was fun to back a year later. Leading up to this show, we already had one leg towards Graces RA title, and needed to Q both days to earn it. What I was most looking forward to this event, was all the friends that I knew would be there. I had Obedience friends, Agility friends and rescue friends all there! Plus, I made a few more!

Day 1: Saturday was the most difficult day for me. It started off with not being able to find the right lot to park in.  Finally after driving to 3 different lots and asking a half a dozen attendants, I found it! After unloading and getting Grace settled, I checked in and watched the Excellence people finish up their runs. I didn't want to stray too far, as my small Advanced group was next, and I didn't know if the judge was going to start early (they were ahead of schedule) or at the arranged time.

Right around then one of my Agility friends came to find me and was nice enough to record our run for me. The course we did that day, was one of the hardest I have ever done, and I think my nerves got the best of me and Grace.

It wasn't our best run by far, but we did earn a Q and 4th place, with a score of 73.... Like I said, not our best. Grace did everything I asked, but was just lagging a lot, and I think most of it had to do with my nerves and uncertainty. When I look back at the video, it looks better then it felt! When I was in the ring, it felt like she was 10 feet behind me! We had trouble at 2 stations. The "Off set figure 8 w/ distractions". Grace was quite weary of the bowls LOL! But we worked though it. The other station was #16 "Leave dog, 2 steps, call to heel, forward". The station everyone in my group "failed". After taking our 2 steps, we all stopped, called dog and continued. We weren't suppose to stop after the 2 steps. So a rookie mistake and I now know for next time.

Leg #2 and a 4th place!
One tired pup on the way home.
Day 2: Sunday was a much better day! Score wise and my for my nervousness. I got there and just chilled, I didn't do much warming up, per the suggestion of one of my Obedience friends. I just played and added a few finishes and stuff in there. Our run felt so much better, far from perfect, but much better. We earned our last leg towards her title with a score of 93! and a 1st place! Grace even got the zoomies afterwards and eagerly played with the toy she earned, which is pretty rare for her.

RA title and a 1st place!
Grace and I! Photo thanks to my friends 3yr old son :)

 Introducing Chloe Grace RA CGC!!!

There were more titles earned by all my friends! Obedience and Agility alike! My friend, Courtney, over at Amstaffs in the Garden, and her dog Charlie earned their CD title! and had a pretty good debut in Utility with her old girl Violet. My agility friend and her dog Red (you've seen him here on my blog many of times) earned their MXJ title! What a great weekend!

The other highlight of the weekend was hanging out with Graces' rescue group and running into the the vet that treated her during her time as a foster dog! We were literally leaving, walking to the car, when we ran into a lady pottying her 3 English Setters and asked if this was Chloe Grace. It was really fun talking to her and hearing her stories. Shortly later an another lady comes up and says there were about to take a picture of all the working English Setters and wanted to know it I would like to join them! I said SURE! I hope to contact the vet and get a copy of the picture :)

Great weekend all around!


  1. Nice job and beautiful dogs! Have you ever thought Grace was part English Setter? To me she looks just like a little field bred ES, with maybe a little border collie thrown in.