August 27, 2012

Not a whole lot has been going on, dog wise. I've been busy working and keeping up the house/yard while hubby is gone, in Malaysia. It seems like if I'm not working, I am mowing grass/yard work, and when I'm not working or mowing grass, I am cleaning, and if I'm not doing one of those, I am sleeping! 

But, there is light at the end of this tunnel I happen to be in, #1 hubby should be home in a couple weeks! #2 is that in a couple weeks, me, the dogs, some friends and maybe the hubby (if he gets back in time) will be relaxing at a beach house! It has been a tradition so far, that every year we try to all get together for a long weekend at a beach house, so far we've done it 3 of the 4yrs we've started it. So in a couple weeks you can expect an increase in pictures and *gasp* blog post!

On a side note, on facebook, I am in a photography group and we have weekly challenges and you can interpret the challenge how ever you like. It is a point and shoot group, and the focus of the group it to only use point and shoots and no editing. Some times this is REALLY hard for me! But the group has pushed me to really work with what I got and play with my surroundings and overall I know it will help me become a better photographer. This week the word was intimacy (keeping it clean), so here are some of the pictures I took for this weeks challenge; all taken with my point and shoot, set on filmgrain setting. (first one is the one I used for the challenge).

The dogs thought it was super fun to have mom on the ground! My face was fair game for licks!

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