September 23, 2012

Beach Vacation

Every year, us and a group of friends rent a beach house for a long weekend. It is a vacation for us and as well as for Riley and Grace, they enjoy the beach and the company. It is a time for me to be basically brain dead for a while, and the way work had been going, I NEEDED the vacation. For the doggies, we made it a vacation as well, they got treats, ate at outdoor restaurants, and were allowed on the furniture.

Riley likes the beach enough. He mostly enjoys the sand, the walks and the people, not so much the water. Well, he doesn't not like the water, I think it is the waves he doesn't like, and I don't blame him. But, he will tolerate it if I ask him to come in the water for a bit. After his quick dip in the ocean he will run as fast as he can to shore and roll in the sand, as if to get all the dreaded ocean off him! I'd say he is a sand dog, not an ocean dog. In the pictures below, Riley shows what he thinks of the ocean!

Last year was Grace's first year to go to the beach. It was an extremely stimulating and over exciting trip, and she was kinda a crazy dog the whole time. This year was much better, she was excited but much better behaved. She really enjoyed playing in the ocean, plus she got to sport her new poke-a-dot lifejacke!

It was a wonderful vacation and I know Riley and Grace enjoyed themselves as well. Below are some more pictures taken by my friend.

Major ZOOMIE Alert!
Finally got the ball!
Last visit to the beach, before the drive home.
Our group

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