September 30, 2012

Agility Show'n'Go

I was so excited when I found out there was a agility show and go before our first real event. The only places Riley has ever done agility, was in our backyard and our club, so this was going to be a good test for him. He behaved very nice in the new place, he stood with me while I signed up and sat quietly in his create while I walked the course and waited for our turn.

Our first run, looked promising, but then he got to sniffing around the tunnel. Once I got him through, we had another good sequence, until the weaves. At first, I just don't think he saw them, and then he started focusing on the table. My much more experienced friends on the side lines helped me out as said to go the other direction, and waa-la! he did them! But, because we spent so much time at the weaves, we ran out of time on the course and had to end early.

My friends, and husband, were very positive, helped me keep my chin up, and gave me some pointers for the second run, which was the same course.

Our second run was much better. No sniffing, but he still wasn't going all the way down on the contacts and had trouble in the weaves, BUT he didn't focus on the table! And we got to finish the course! So, overall it was a very good evening and gave me an idea of what we need to work on.

Here is the Standard course they set up, the novice course were the dark circles. After walking the course and talking with my friends, at 4 and 5, I decided that going to the close end of the tunnel was going to be too hard for a green dog like Riley, so I decided to go to the far side, and besides the sniffing it worked out really well.

Here are our runs. The first part is pretty bad, but we had some good sequences. I also think my nerves had a lot to do with it, but overall I am happy with Riley's performance! Now we got the real thing at the end of the month!!

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