November 19, 2012


Ugh, I am such a bad doggie mom! I forgot Riley's Gotcha day! November 3rd, 4 YEARS ago we adopted Riley. Gosh, it does not seem that long ago! He is our first dog as adults and as a couple. He was there through our engagement (was a must in our photos!), through our apartments moves and our wedding. Riley is the dog that got me started in the world of dog sports and activities! He is my first agility dog and we have learned the ropes of this wonderful game together.
The day we adopted Riley!
So, today we celebrated a belated Gotcha day for Riley. I got new toys, antlers and bully sticks for both dogs, cuz Grace needed to celebrate too! But, I got squeaky tennis balls just for Riley, they are his favorite toy in the world!

Here is to many more years together! We love you Riley!

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