November 27, 2012

Red's Visit

A couple weeks ago, Red came to spend the weekend with us. It is always a full house when he comes over, which Riley and Grace enjoy.

When ever Red comes to visit, I try to get a group picture of them. I wanted something different then the usual "everyone sit and look over here!" So while outside playing with the pups, I looked over at the swing and it got me thinking, could I get all 3 dogs on the swing for a picture? Riley and Grace get on the swing all the time when we sit outside, so I knew it was no problem for them. Red on the other hand had never been on a swing, so I had to take it a little slow. I asked him to get on and off, all while giving him treats for getting on. After a few reps, I was able to get all 3 dogs on the swing, although it took some convincing to have them stay on or lay down, while I backed up to take the pictures. They all did an awesome job and I got some really cute group shots!

Step 1, getting all 3 dogs to sit and stay on the swing.
Step 2, trying to get all 3 lay down
Riley: SQUIRREL! Grace: "Amateurs, I am a pro at this". Red: Class clown.
Perfect Picture

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