March 11, 2013


Camping is fun, but camping with dogs, even more fun! This was Riley's second camping trip and Grace's first. I think they both enjoyed themselves. We were camping with our friends and their dog, Sadie. We have been trying to set up a camping trip for the past year, but life events and our schedules kept getting in the way. Finally, we were able to secure a weekend and planned our trip.

We arrived late afternoon on day 1, and it was spent setting up camp and collecting wood for the fire, while the dogs just hung out. With so many enticing smells, Riley and Grace had to stay on long lines for most the trip, but I don't think they minded.

After camp was all set up, the sun had started to set and we went for a walk around the lake. When we came across a bench, I stopped everyone and just had to get a picture of the dogs. Sadie and Riley are pretty good with their stays, but get easily distracted, while Grace is an old pro.

 On day 2, the guys when mountain biking, while the dogs and us girls went on a hike.  We had a very rough idea on where to go, but since there were no real trail maps, we used Google maps and an app. on my phone and off we went. In total, we a little over 4 miles and never got lost! Most of the trails are mountain biking trails, so they are all intertwined together, but we had a general idea of where to go and where camp was.

    Riley will do just about anything I ask, especially if there is a treat involved, so I was able to get him into some pretty fun positions. At one point, there was a large fallen tree across the trail, so I asked Riley to climb up and he did so without even blinking an eye. Got to love my crazy boy!

How did you get up there?
 After a afternoon of hiking/mountain biking, the dogs and people were quit tired, and soon we settled down for the evening.

 Something must have smelled good in that old stump...


 Riley can do agility outside the ring too!


In the evenings the dogs enjoyed the chairs around the fire just as much as we did! Grace was the one who spent the most time in them, and I don't blame her, it got a bit chilly in the evenings.

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