March 16, 2013

Mountain Biking

Today we went to a ranch about 1.5 hours NW of us. We've been there before and always have a good time. The ranch is a working cattle ranch, so we do have to be mindful of the cows, but even Riley doesn't seem to care about them. My husband, my brother, Riley and I did one lap together, well mostly together! I was a bit slow, so the boys would all just wait for me to catch up every now and again. Riley loves to run with the bikes and does very well running on the trails, but sometimes we have to remind him to stay with us and not try to run with the faster bikers who pass us. The only thing we really can't keep Riley from are the lakes! I don't blame him tho, it was pretty dang warm out. When we come up to the lakes we all take a break while Riley swims and cools off himself.

A couple of the calves came over to say hi!
The guys took a harder tail, while I took the bypass and waited at the end, and along this portion of the trail, there is an old, abandoned shed. It was just begging for a picture!

Hubby after the hard potion of the trail, that Riley and I skipped.
After one loop, Riley and I took it easy and walked around the grounds and the lake. The guys went on to do another loop (without my slow butt).

Water was a too low, but this ramp is used to jump bikes into the lake!

Old Long Horn skull

Riley and I chilled after the first ride, while the boys when on a second.
It was pretty windy towards the end of the day!

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  1. Looks like a great place for a ride. Wonderful pictures!