January 28, 2011

Happy Fun Friday!

Since Riley has graduated to being off leash, we haven't used the long training lead in a long time. I almost forgot we had it. Now Grace has joined our family, and she isn't quite trusted off leash yet, so it's back! We have a nice grassy area outside our place (our complex has a tiny dog park, but most the time there's a lot of poop, because the lazy people we live around can't pick it up...grumpy?... just a little). So I gathered the dogs, toys and camera and went outside to play!

*Side note*  In the past Riley has shown very little interest in fetch, maybe 3-4 throws and he loses interest. Grace on the other hand loves to play fetch, so now what does Riley like to do? FETCH! Silly dogs! LOL


"I got the toy mom!"

Look at that focus!

How high can you fly!?

"Hey, whatcha got there?"

Hover dogs are  Hovering!

"I is a rabbit!"

Some advice from Grace
Sometimes you just need to stop and have a good roll in the grass.

"I'll show you how it's done!"

It's good for the body....

mind .....

and soul!

"See, now don't you feel better?"

It brings out your inner beauty!

"I haz a happy"
 "Same here"


  1. That is really a match made in heaven. I love watching these two play together. Those midair shots are fun!

  2. Fantastic pictures of the dogs playing!
    And you have sunshine, but what's with the brown grass!?:) Have I got some water I could send you:)
    I kind of gulped when I saw that green catch basin in the grass. Do me a favour will you and check that it isn't sticking up at all out of the ground. Calli broke her jaw on something similar when she caught her mouth on the edge of it while scooping up a ball. It was only sticking up a little bit, probably less than an inch. Can you tell I'm a little paranoid now?:(

  3. We have sunshine (for now), but brown grass because our apt. complex doesn't water it in the winter.

    Thanks for you heads-up about the catch basin, I checked and all the ones around us are sunken into the ground, so there's no little lip sticking up. So glad you let me know, better to be safe then sorry. I am so sorry Calli broke her jaw on one :( I can't believe how scary that was!

  4. They are so adorable. I love seeing them play. It's like they have always been together.
    Wonderful pictures :)