January 20, 2011

Improved toy-making skills

With some advice from, Karen from Wyndson Farm, I made an improvement to my toys, using the 4-braid method :) I didn't know how to do the 4-braid and she sent me a great link and it turned out to be really easy!

I think I am hooked on making my own tug toys now! It's easy, cheap and fun!
Riley and Grace both agree on the fun part!

Riley got to try it out first. He is more of a quiet player with his toys. Unless there is a squeaker, but he will still just lay there and *squeak* *squeak* *squeak*......

While Grace on the other hand is very animated when she plays with toys! Death to all toys!

*note Riley chilling in the background*

♥ I love her whiskers ♥

After she had her fun and settled down, I took some pictures of her adorable face :) She is learning quickly that I have the camera out a lot and that most likely it will be in her face :) I'd say she's got the hang of it!


  1. I think I've said this before, but I'm in love with Grace's face! She is stunning.

  2. Great action shots! That black, grey and white looks good together in a braid. Glad I was able to help out:)

  3. Great action shots. So glad the kids are doing so well :)

  4. She's got the camera sussed all right!

    Those toys are now super-tough!

  5. Love the action shots of Grace! She is so beautiful and of course Riley is a handsome guy :)

  6. hi your dog seem playful . beautiful shots .