January 24, 2011

Spots everywhere!

Two posts in one day! WOOT :)

Riley and Grace love to wrestle! The first couple days we had Grace it was like this almost nonstop!!! It was kinda crazy!  But now, after about 2 weeks, they have a couple good wrestles a day and chill the rest :) Grace is usually the instigator, but Riley will start them every once in a while :)

I took this while I was on my lunch break, I didn't want to go back to work, I wanted to stay home and play with my dogs! They were obviously have more fun then I was haha :)


  1. ahhhhh I love your little spot monsters!!! <3 I'm so happy for you guys AND Grace!

  2. They really do seem to play well together:) I love watching dogs play like that.