July 11, 2011

A week with Mr. Red

Over this last week I doggie-sat Red. His mom and dad took a vacation, and I was in charge of his well being. Lets just say Red makes my two look like lazy bums! Talk about energy!!! This guy is non stop and I mean literally. But all that aside he is really a good, funny dog, and I enjoyed my stay with him.

For most of the days it was just Red and I, but there were a few days that I brought over my pups and just let them run loose! So here are some pictures of our week with Red! Enjoy!


  1. Love the pictures, especially the one of Red in the pool. Too funny. What a good babysitter you are! Red does look like a little fire cracker!

    Mack & Murph

  2. The photos are great! I love that one of Red in the sunglasses at the end :) I'm not surprised he seemed manic though, a lot of labrador/retrievers I've known are all crazy all the time! They don't seem to have an off switch.